Two months after my first seizure I found a YouTube video that has literally saved my life (And I can't stress that enough):
Midodrine. puts a floor under my BP, which also reduces overreaction to very high bp.
Exercise!!! I spend a lot of time rock climbing and doing yoga. The physical exertion and mental training is so helpful.
just focusing on something relaxing or entrancing helps releave ticks
Keeping Active
Bi-weekly counselling
Hydroxychloroquine, 400mg
driving an automatic car (less muscle fatigue) with high seat level (helps getting in and out) and protects me from extreme temperatures
pastas de planificar me ayudo con el acné
spend more time with my family
Mac Kenzie physiotherapy
I'm a very creative girl who loves music and art.
my mum's encouragement
At least 6 grams per day of sodium helps a lot, and since I hang onto water better, I can reduce my liquid intake to around 6 liters.
Low carb diet. It seems that sugar and carbs increase many of the physical and mental symptoms.
My supportive bestfriend
Supportive family, friends, and doctors
Having the support of my husband/family
working 4 days per week with Wednesday off
Comer manzanas diario me ayudo con la gastritis
don't be sad about bad news
Essential oils
I'm also an introvert so I feel most relaxed when I have time to myself.
social networking
Gabapentin. Keeps bp and HR from bouncing so fast and to such extremes,
Strong support group. I'm a member of many Facebook support groups and have a strong group of loved ones who help me daily.
taking my time with things
Amitriptyline 50mg
having a rest day after a busy social event
Cambiar malos hábitos lleva tiempo pero es posible
eat quality food
Fodmaps diet, lactose & gluten exclusion
I love watching things on YouTube, one of my favorite things to watch on their is The Music Freaks.