Story about Adenomyosis , Candidiasis, Endometriosis.


Dec 18, 2015

My Adenomyosis is diffuse and was diagnosed through an MRI with contrast and recto signal gel. 

Adenomyosis in my case is more of a form of deep infiltrating endometriosis invading the outer surface of my uterus from behind.

Main disease is endometriosis (stage iv, frozen pelvis AND several endometriomas on ovaries, left round ligament (which was removed along with left uterosacral ligament) AND kissing ovaries behind uterus. Also double hydrosalpinx (tubes infected AND distended by liquid AND inflamation AND totally obstructed AND Non functional so surgeon decided to remove Them too.

fibroglandular mass invading My vagina from behind then cervix which made The sugeon have to reconstruct my vagina.





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