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Adenomyosis survivor

Dec 2, 2

I have always had painful periods that would make me miss school and work, but was told it was normal. Had my first child at 21, after she was born I developed deep rectal pain that would last 12 hours straight of me laying in bed screaming on the first day of every period. This continued the same until my third pregnancy, I had a horrible 9 months of extreme anemia and fatigue, u would take out the trash and then need a nap afterwards. The labor was unlike anything my midwife had seen, like my uterus was dying. We both went into sepsis and almost died. I had previously had a natural, unmedicated birth and this was so much worse, pain wise. 4 months later periods started back with massive labor like cramping that got worse each month. 2 years of increasing pain lead me to seek help, by this time I would spend 3 days a month crawling to the bathroom, blacking out in pain, and trying every pain medication. On the market. Doctors all said endometriosis. Ultrasound and CT scan showed nothing. Diagnostic lap showed extremely boggy, enlarged uterus. Tried Mirena for 10 months, made it better for a few months and then much worse. Hysterectomy 9 years after the birth of my first child.


Symptoms for the last few years included:

Painful periods, painful urination, painful bowel movements, pain during sex, lots of blood clots, pain when I went to the bathroom, when I held it, and after I went, pain during and after sex with or without orgasm, extreme fatigue, long periods.

My bladder was attached to my uterus with lots of adhesions. This caused horrible bladder spasms.

Every single issue was completely resolved after hysterectomy.

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