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Adenomyosis & Endometriosis.

Nov 12, 2015

I have suffered since age 13 with "bad" periods.
Heavy, painful and constant overflows or accidents as a teenager - debilitating pain that saw me take prescription pain killers which didn't even touch the pain. Looking back it was a terrible time, I was so anxious at school, teachers would often NOT let me leave the class and I knew I was leaking. Very traumatic overall.

I "accepted" my dodgy uterus to be honest, just well this is the hand I was dealt. Went to numerous doctors who all told me "when you have a baby it will be better" and put me on the pill. (I am now 39 and don't have kids so that advice was so very helpful).

I have had blood transfusions, D&Cs (curettes), iron injections and infusions, I ALWAYS have the result at scans that my uterus "is the size of a 3 month pregnancy" and I have never had good ongoing medical care. I end up seeing a Gyno and they just say, well have a baby or a hysterectomy - but then won't do it as I was under 40 with no kids - there have never been any real treatments or advice or insight into my condition/s. I want to know WHY, what causes this, it is not normal and shouldn't be.

So many Doctors minimise you 'Oh so many women have this problem', well great, then why are we not treating these conditions better?!

It affects my life, at least 1-2 days a month I can't leave the house, I still flood - I was holding a meeting a few years ago, I was doing PR for a Not for Profit and the blood trickled out of a tampon and full sized maternity pad down my leg. I left the room with a trail of blood behind me. SO humiliating. But again I just accept it.

I now have cysts and fibroids which I never have had so I am off to see a Gyno again in a few weeks. Yay. I am now at the point where I will be pushing for a hysterectomy, I have truly had enough of it.

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