Stories of Adult-onset Stills Disease

Adult-onset Stills Disease stories
Diagnosticada de enfermedad de Still a los 20 años.  Tratamiento con MTX. 
Adult-onset Stills Disease stories
I began feeling a pain in my ankle at 23. I  had a c-section the year before and in that same year, I was mildly electrocuted twice. I thought I'd mention this, but am told that has nothing to do with the diagnoses. I was on steroids for many ye...
Adult-onset Stills Disease stories
My ankle swelled like I'd been bitten by a spider when I was 7yrs old. Spiking fevers, rash & other swollen joints followed. Many hospitals, tests & Drs later Dx JRA. Adult doses of steroids & many other Rxs continued until I went into re...
Adult-onset Stills Disease stories
Diagnosed with systemic-onset JRA in 1990, now known as systemic-onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis (SJIA). After a period of remission for a number of years as an adult I presented to ER with a serious flare and they wouldn't listen to me AT ALL ab...

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