Staying cool and away from too much heat (which is a lot in crowded or dusty places) really helped me.
Asking question's. No question is stupid/dumb.
Ouvrir une association pour faire connaître cette maladie
Family always being by my side.
Taking Rafampin Has Decreased The Itching
Alagilles syndrome mainly affected my Liver.
For the itching, instead of scratching I would twirl yarn in my hands so that I didn't hurt myself.
Talking/meeting other Alagille Parents rester seul et incompris
Infant home based services
Knowledgeable doctors
Taking Vitamins Has Made Me Grow, Staying Away From Greasy Foods Has Made Me Feel Better
I got put on the Liver Transplant list 1/7/14
Vitamins Adek's
Drinking a lot of freshly made Carrot - Beetroot Juice really helped my skin and my general energy levels.
Se battre pour les familles et enfants
Children's hospital
Recived the call and had my Liver Transplant 28/4/16
pregestimill milk powder