2 cycles of cybord, Auto SCT in Oct 2013
I'm on TPN now because I was down to 87 lbs. now I weigh 127 lbs.
Egcg extract from green tea are m'y best Way in this disease .
Liver transplantation
After A Stem Cell Transplant in April 2012 I went into remission
The stem cell transplant made me feel better
The time off Chemo
Answered prayer
Had stem cell transplant in 2008
5 months of Velcade with Dexamethasone
Nothing, I have got progressively worse over 13 years with overwhelming neuropathy with amyloid infiltrated palatal nerves.
supportive family
Competent Doctors and Hospital
Family support
My husband does not have to suffer any longer with this awful disease.
Creme hidrante
eating properly
Primeiro passo foi fazer a biopsia, pois o médicos que passei demoraram em fazer biopsia tratavam de outras coisa
Referral to National Amyloidosis Centre
Faith in God and daily prayer helps me.
My faith in God
My faith in God
Good diet and exercise
Having Doctors that really care/
Faith in God.
Keep on those doctors.
Chemo Helping a lot
2 weeks of low-dose Radiation halted the progression of the Amyloid
A great husband.
I could not have made it without my husband.
rvd treatment
My husband and I chose to go to 51 of the 116 State Parks during the summer of treatment, to be under the tree canopy, to watch birds, find the rippling water in the brooks.
Exercising and walking always has helped me.
Mother to Erin Kelly, who passed away May 27,2016, of AA of unknown cause.
Drinking alkaline water
Nothing yet. New diagnosis
I made the decision to go ahead with my transplant.
My husband being my caregiver.
2years ago doctors want transplant m'y heart stage 3 . I dont make and m'y heart are like a new with egcg extract
Lots of exercise like cycling and gym
Being as active as you can.
My son has helped me fight this terrible battle
Going for bike rides
Support from family, friends and doctors
Had 32 weeks Cybor D in 2013
Always look forward, Focus on what you can do, Don't mourn what you can no longer do!