Story about Anosmia , Breast Cancer, Depression, Glaucoma.


Nov 3, 2018

By: Connie

Year Condition Began: 1953

I do not remember when I realized that I lacked a sense of smell, but eventually I noticed other people smelling things and reacting, an experience I could not share. I have told my doctors about it over the years, but since there was no accident, illness or injury that I recall that may have been the cause, they offered no help. I discovered the word anosmia probably online when searching for centers that might study the cause of congenital anosmia. There was one new support group online that consisted of less than 100 people - but, though interesting, I never checked back more than once. Partners and spouses in the past were helpful to clue me in about hygiene smells - now that I live alone, I am more "in the dark". I worry about not being able to smell gas in my house or car, or smell things burning in the kitchen. Since my short-term memory has gotten worse after age 60, I am more at risk for harm from these things. I am definitely interested in knowing all I can about causes and possible cures.

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