How is Anosmia diagnosed?

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Anosmia diagnosis
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The condition is diagnosed through self-reporting loss of sense of smell (anecdotally) and through investigation by ENTs, neurologists through scanning (MRI) and diagnosis of the nasal pathways.

Posted Mar 20, 2017 by DebRose 1160
Anosmia is checked by a smell test. Then a thorough check of your medical files is performed to see if a separate causality can be found. A CT or MRI can be performed as well.

Posted Apr 24, 2017 by JHG010462 1000
For congenital anosmia, not acquired anosmia, self-diagnosis is pretty straight forward.

Posted May 20, 2017 by Amberg0sa 600
Anosmics is not usually diagnosed. Congenital anosmia is usually discovered at home, after a smell-intensive incident (burning food, gas leak, not knowing cookies are baking, smelly laundry, etc). Acquired anosmia may be tested for. The best test is a scratch and sniff test.

Posted May 24, 2017 by Becky 950
Acquired anosmia is diagnosed through a doctor or ENT specialist.
Congenital anosmia is rarely diagnosed, doctors don't understand it, there's no cure or anything close to. You grow up and realise that others can smell and you've never experienced that. This is the only condition in which a self diagnostic is the only way to determine if you have it or not

Posted Sep 11, 2017 by Katie 1800
Initially I self diagnosed when I finally learned that smell was not a “learned” thing and was honest with Mom and Dad. Doctors never knew what to do with me, but it was later in my life where a psychiatrist finally took my condition seriously when linked to some more recent symptoms I have been experiencing.

Posted Jan 28, 2019 by Kerry 2550
Seek a referral to a good ENT. You will likely have an MRI, CT scan, nasal scope, bloodwork, and smell test done. There are more intensive smell tests that can also be done, and specialized clinical facilities around the world (and in the USA in particular) to help diagnose and educate patients.

Posted May 21, 2019 by 950
I’m sure there are other tests for me my mom tested me with spices natural gas and other things we told my doctor and she said I have anosmia

Posted Oct 4, 2019 by Amy Somers 1600
I used a series of scratch and sniff cards, in which I tried to identify the smell. This was through the ENT office of our local clinic. I also had an MRI to rule out any problems with my brain. I have made a further appointment with an ear, nose, and throat doctor to discuss my options.

Posted Jan 20, 2020 by mvallenlax 500
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An Otolaryngologist asks for some examinations, such as: Resonance Magnetic Phase, Endoscopy of the Nose and throat, and the smell test.

Posted Sep 14, 2017 by Alyne 1250

Anosmia diagnosis

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Is Anosmia contagious?

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Anosmia stories
In 2009 at age 64 I got a nasty head cold.  I lost my sense of smell and it has never returned.  The thing that makes it hard for me is the lack of enjoyment of food or drink.   I looked for help in several places (including the UPenn taste and sm...
Anosmia stories
Born anosmic (as far as I can tell) Found out I was anosmic when I was about 15 years old. There is no apparent reason for my anosmia. As far as I can tell I am the only person in my family with this disabillity. I have 3 children the two oldest I ...
Anosmia stories
Anosmia stories
Hi, in 1981 I fell off my bicycle in Seal Beach, Southern California and smacked the left hand side of my head against a wooden telegraph pole. I was rushed to hospital, had no major injuries and discharged myself the next day. If it had been a concr...
Anosmia stories
I had a bicycle crash in 1993. No memory of the incident but where I was found suggests I may have been hit by a car leaving an alley. No recovery. No useful information from repeated medical examinations. Food is now a necessary evil. Sweets are OK,...

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Anosmia forum
To those who have Anosmia, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about your experiences with it! 1. When were you diagnosed with Anosmia?   2. What has your personal experience been like without a sense of smell?  ...

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