Celebrex, an antiinflamatory.
Had the marina for 3yr and helped alot
Keeping yourself busy doing what your body allows you to do, charties are a great way you can help from home
Ankle braces and AFO'S
Joining support groups and knowing your not alone
decompression surgery
The heating pad my gran gave me. It's old but works so well.
Zoladex helped a fair bit- but you can't stay on that forever
Heated slippers
Excision surgery with a specialist
Regular rheumatologists visits
hot baths
Having the moral support and strength from my mom and grandma
My mum who always helps me no matter what
Losing weight
Chiropractic- muscle (no cracking)
Gluten free diet
My Lumbar-Periotoneal Shunt has made a HUGE difference..
Drinking lots of water and eating healthier
Think of the times I didn't have anxiety and how I dealt with the situation then.
Finding other people with the same diagnosis, and making new friends
Taking magnesium tablets helps me so much, it decreases my fatigue levels
Ronald, my husband
Knowing medication is different for everyone helps
Diet - Removing foods thats where toxic to my body
Zumba and My Fittness Pal changed my life
Corlanor and Clonodine made it possible to go back to work
just haveing positive peopple in my life
I get married to a very special guy . that is no longer here.
Gluten free food made me feel better
My best friend
Losing decent amount of weight improved self esteem.
Eight months of intens therapy where i discovered who I really am!
Increasing carbs: complex in between attacks and simple sugars during attacks.
Being downsized and forced not to work over 40+ hours every week has resulted in reduced pain.
medication has assisted in controlling emotions
I use ice and Heat alternating. It helps on ny bad days.
I found out I also have Celiac disease and going off of gluten makes things more bearable.
Knowing when I need to rest, and actually RESTING