Apert Syndrome synonyms

What other names are the Apert Syndrome known by? Synonyms and other terms with which Apert Syndrome is known.

Apert Syndrome is also known as...
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Apert Syndrome is also known as...

Apert Syndrome life expectancy

What is the life expectancy of someone with Apert Syndrome?

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Is Apert Syndrome contagious?

Is Apert Syndrome contagious?

Celebrities with Apert Syndrome

Celebrities with Apert Syndrome

Is Apert Syndrome hereditary?

Is Apert Syndrome hereditary?

ICD9 and ICD10 codes of Apert Syndrome

ICD10 code of Apert Syndrome and ICD9 code

Natural treatment of Apert Syndrome

Is there any natural treatment for Apert Syndrome?

Living with Apert Syndrome

Living with Apert Syndrome. How to live with Apert Syndrome?

Apert Syndrome symptoms

Which are the symptoms of Apert Syndrome?

World map of Apert Syndrome

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Stories of Apert Syndrome

Apert Syndrome stories
Tengo una niña de 3 años que sufre de síndrome de Apert, para realizar las operaciones que necesita mi hija tengo que trabajar en diversas cosas. Soy madre soltera y nivel económico es muy bajo, pero aun así trato de hacer lo mejor posible por e...
Apert Syndrome stories
Hope one day  help aperts mom with their Surgery and support 
Apert Syndrome stories
My daughter born in april 2006 with Apert. No diagnostic antenatal. She got 9 surgery since now:  - craniofacial in 2006 - hands in 2007 (x4) - hands in 2009 (x2) - hands in 2012 - and ORL in 2012 She has 4 fingers to each hands. Surgerys nex...

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