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Aquagenic urticaria diagnosis

How is Aquagenic urticaria diagnosed?

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Aquagenic urticaria diet

Is there a diet which improves the quality of life of people with Aqu...

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History of Aquagenic urticaria

What is the history of Aquagenic urticaria?

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Aquagenic urticaria symptoms

Which are the worst symptoms of Aquagenic urticaria?

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Stories of Aquagenic urticaria

Aquagenic urticaria stories
My AU was brought on by hormone changes Egan I was pregnant. Since I'm no longer pregnant, my reactions aren't as bad as they used to be and I don't have to take medication every day unless desired. If it rains I do take medication or I will be itchy...
Aquagenic urticaria stories
My daughter that is 5 years old was just diagnosis with this disease. I never have heard of it till a week ago. I would love to become an advocate and help with this disease.
Aquagenic urticaria stories
My story started as a 20 year old. I got pregnant and gave birth in 2002. I then spent the next 4 years thinking I am nuts because it didn't matter where I was, I broke out in a rash when showering. During a yearly skin survey for skin cancer, and me...
Aquagenic urticaria stories
My daughter was just diagnosed, but luckily her symptoms are mild.  Symptoms started with puberty.  She is itchy all over from water, and gets hives on her stomach and back.  They go away within 30 minutes of being dry.  She itches from sweat too...

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Statistics of Aquagenic urticaria

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