How do I know if I have Asperger Syndrome?

What signs or symptoms may make you suspect you may have Asperger Syndrome. People who have experience in Asperger Syndrome offer advice of what things may make you suspicious and which doctor you should go to to receive treatment

Do I have Asperger Syndrome?
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A person with Asperger's syndrome with display particular traits such as
Difficulties with communication
Difficulties with social skills
Restricted and repeatice behaviours
Obsessive behaviours
Limited interests
Have a particular skill or talent
Sensitivity to sound, light and smells

The doctor or school may see the traits and refer to specialists for assessment

Posted May 18, 2017 by Sarah Jane 5070
The following are common signs of Asperger's and Autism
- Slurred speech.
- Lower motor-functions (Poor coordination, etc).
- An intense obsession.
- Sensitivity to being touched, sounds, lights, etc (Heightened Senses)
There are many more, but these are just the common ones.
What should be done, is you should try an online test, and if you score high on it, consult a psychologist/psychiatrist to be officially diagnosed. If you score low, you still might have the condition and if it bothers you that much, see a psychologist/psychiatrist about it.

Posted Aug 28, 2017 by Tartatus Infinity 1150
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The signs and symptoms are: not understanding the rules and social codes, the intelligence high for some things and not have it for other basic things of life, the understanding of literal information, behaviors, attitudes and thoughts which are rigid and immovable, and so on.

You could do a test of the many that there are on the Internet.

And then to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist with expertise in autism spectrum disorders.

Posted Jul 22, 2017 by Jhoanna 2000
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Going to a psychologist to nurture and make a diagnosis... if you have a hard time relating and communicating with others, if you like to be alone, if you have very few friends and limited interests, if you are hypersensitive and you annoy the noise .... it is very likely that you have syndrome of Asperger's.

Posted Sep 1, 2017 by Montserrat Manresa Boixet 2050
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should be evaluated and referred by a medical professional

Posted Oct 27, 2017 by Sandra 2900

Do I have Asperger Syndrome?

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i was diagnosed with mild aspergers about 10 years ago. my father who has since passed away was diagnosed with severe form of aspergers around that same time at age 56. im a introvert, like movies and music. im 33 no kids never married. im currently ...
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J'ai découvert mon syndrome Asperger à l'age de 30 ans, depuis j'ai compris ce qui faisait de moi quelqu'un de différent. Ma vie a été assez compliquée, mais je pense qu'avec le diagnostique elle sera meilleure, et elle l'est déjà depuis.
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Asperger's Syndrome is not a disease!
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Hello I am a mum whose little boy at age 7 went through Tens due to carbamazapine. He lost 100% of his skin and all his nails and hair  he had several infections that resulted in hypothermia and the loss of part of his big toe and 3 adjoining toes ...
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found i have INTJ characteristic firstly and then fact many of intj's have Asperger. Checked about it on internet, did some tests, find myself almost having ASD. Later with consultancy with Psychiatrist we found i fully have it. It was found when i w...

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