34 A

May 22, 2018

Year Condition Began: 1986

I was diagnosed with ABPA in 1986. I was 34 and had been coughing up blood. my Gp sent me for a sputum test and so on, and ABPA was diagnosed. I felt very unwell, tired and thought I was nearly dead.
I didn't want to take steroids as I thought they were toxic. at that time I was into natural health etc, and I still am, although now I view other remedies as complementary medicine whereas then I was more alternative. I was also very depressed due to many sad things happening in my life at that time.

I had a new boyfriend, now my husband and he has been great throughout this time. One night I had a nightmare about dying and the word 34 A kept coming up in my dream. When I told my husband that I thought it meant I was going to die that year, he said, "No, it's your bra size!" Joking apart it was truly a very bad time for me.

My consultant despaired of me because I was so against taking any medication. Eventually though I did take it even though I thought it was poison. I had two young children and wanted to get well and stay well for them.
Motivation and determination has kept me going and in the last thirty two years I have trained as a counsellor, a psychotherapist, trained others and even trained in a martial art and got up to Masters level.

I have recently taken up horse riding, I've tried glassblowing, scuba diving and archery. Even though scuba diving I did only once, I loved seeing all the fish. Glass blowing I found really hard, and nearly knocked my front teeth out in my haste to try and put the pipe thing in my mouth. I liked what I made in glass and working with glass has become my new hobby.

During the winter I often get bad chest infections and have episodes of feeling very tired and unwell, but I do also have good periods where I enjoy what I'm doing. I have found that if I'm tired the best thing is to rest and recuperate. Sometimes it frustrates me if I have to cancel things I want to do. This can be very disappointing.

Currently I am experiencing a worsening of the symptoms and some of my old fears are returning. But I am in a more positive psychological state and this is actually very beneficial. That's all for now, will update soon.

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