Aspergillosis and depression

Can Aspergillosis cause depression? Could it affect your mood? Find out how Aspergillosis can affect your mood.

Aspergillosis and depression
6 answers
Yes if you check out the grief curve can start with shock and denial followed by anger and then sipping to acceptance which is important to aim to get out of the anger stage and curve up the acceptance curve. Frustration not being able to do normal activities tiredness, these can all affect our emotional mind.

Posted Aug 14, 2018 by StuartMcKelvie 4050
Again, I can not say, and am not a medical doctor so do not have enough education regarding Aspergillosis and depression. What I can tell you from experience is that heck yes, I can get depressed when thinking about my mortality but I really work hard at ways to let me live longer. Diet, exercise, positive thinking through reading, friends, and being creative. I can get on my pity pot now and then, but then with using tools through eating right, friends and family, hobbies, and laughter, it does not last long. I am lucky.

Posted Aug 8, 2019 by Patricia Fletcher 2500
Having a chronic disease and being unable to perform normal daily tasks is difficult to come to terms with and to cope with. This takes its toll on the mental health of most patients at some time.

Aspergillosis is a rare disease and it often helps to talk to people with the same disease going through similar experiences - see https://www.facebook.com/groups/aspergillussupport for support.

Also see https://aspergillosis.org/recognising-and-avoiding-depression/

Posted Oct 16, 2019 by GAtherton 3100
depression is more likely for those with a chronic condition

Posted Oct 17, 2019 by Linda Galbraith 2500
mood change and upset

Posted Oct 18, 2019 by Mubashar Iqbal 800
Knowing that you have an invasive parasite. your body is very depressing to start with.
But accepting it is the key, dealing with the fear that comes up.
Finding out as much as you can, and using a variety of tools to help manage it are very important

Posted Oct 19, 2019 by Pam Mars 2500

Aspergillosis and depression

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Had right upper lobe removed due to a Aspergilloma Continued to be poorly and eventually refereed to Professor Denning at Wythenshaw who diagnosed me after various tests. Started first anti fungal treatment Itraconazole which after 8 months st...
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I think I developed ABPA after I emptied a compost maker that was not doing the job. Got a great lungful of dust. Came back from a trip coughing. Had to work trip to Philippines coming up. My GP thought I had walking pnuemonia and I went with AB's...
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I was exposed to Aspergillus Mold (and perhaps other strains as well) during the course of work as a Registered Nurse for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs in Texas. Although an asthmatic during childhood, mostly provoked by contact in allergens; I did ...
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In 2007 had granulomas removed from right lung due to sarcoidosis, had chest infections on and off for years. Have been asthmatic since young child, in 2016 found my breathlessness was getting worse. After chest X-rays CTscans and blood tests diagnos...
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I was diagnosed with ABPA in 1986. I was 34 and had been coughing up blood. my Gp sent me for a sputum test and so on, and ABPA was diagnosed. I felt very unwell, tired and thought I was nearly dead. I didn't want to take steroids as I thought they ...

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