Which are the symptoms of Aspergillosis?

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Aspergillosis symptoms
13 answers
not being able to breathe

Posted Sep 11, 2017 by Michele 2656
Breathlessness and tiredness

Posted Oct 18, 2017 by Vaughan 2500
I don’t have any symptoms

Posted Oct 18, 2017 by Mandy 1200
When the disease is active and you have trouble breathing and cannot get enough oxygen it is very difficult to do life. You are constantly exhausted, if you have it to the level that I did I was on disability and could not do my job not being able to work and participate in life is like being in limbo there are so many everyday things you just cannot do it's easy to fall prey to depression. The medication cure that they give, which is a long course of high steroids gradually reduced over time create a whole nother set of problems. If you are lucky like I was they're able to stop the inflammation in your lungs, you can get off of oxygen and go back to work it does seem though that I am not the person I was before but I am grateful for what I have.

Posted Oct 21, 2017 by Boni 1450
Breathing, cough, coughing up old or fresh blood, pain, tiredness, sickness

Posted Nov 9, 2017 by Sam 2500
Chest tightness with shortness of breath. Sometimes lower lung pain either both or particular area. Cough with plug type brittle sputum.

Posted Aug 14, 2018 by StuartMcKelvie 4050
Since I got this in my lungs, my doctor called it BOOP, the worst part is getting pneumonia a lot! It is hard to breath so they put me on prednisone and antibiotics so much that the medicine causes more problems. It comes on so fast, within a few hours I know that am in trouble because it is painful to take a breath. Another thing is people don't think that am sick and they just don't get it when I try to tell them I can not do a lot of things they think I should do. I get overexertion very easily. They do not understand my lung disease. If I could be rid of one thing it would be the tiredness and breathing difficulties.

Posted Aug 8, 2019 by Patricia Fletcher 2500
Normally worsening respiratory conditions such as COPD, Bronchiectasis, asthma. Cough, breathlessness are common and in some cases haemoptysis. It is often treated as asthma/COPD for some time and it is only when further investigations following increasing and uncontrolled symptoms results in a referral to a local hospital.

A chest x-ray that shows scarring, cavities, growths are often interpreted as possible lung cancer. Once cancer has been eliminated (which can be difficult) patients are referred to more highly specialised services - in the UK there is the National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester (NAC). www.nationalaspergillosiscentre.org.uk

There are resources online that are worth visiting - www.aspergillosis.org, www.aspergillus.org.uk.

Posted Oct 16, 2019 by GAtherton 3100
Breathlessness, fatigue, coughing, plugs, stress incontinence

Posted Oct 17, 2019 by Linda Galbraith 2500
Fever and chills.
A cough that brings up blood (hemoptysis)
Shortness of breath.
Chest or joint pain.
Headaches or eye symptoms.
Skin lesions.

Posted Oct 18, 2019 by Mubashar Iqbal 800
My symptoms began with coughing up a small amount of blood.
This developed into what was thought to be chest infection.
A very deep cough, difficulty breathng, fevers, feeling very unwell.
Unable to sleep at night for weeks, due to couching, and breathing difficulty.
I was still told l had a lung infection and was treated with antibiotics.
This went on for several weeks

Posted Oct 19, 2019 by Pam Mars 2500
Coughing up continually stringy mucous
Asthma which isn’t relieved by an inhaler
Chest infection

Posted Feb 14, 2020 by Peta 3110
Shortness of breath, productive cough,

Posted Feb 15, 2020 by Dayna 1700

Aspergillosis symptoms

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Aspergillosis stories
Had right upper lobe removed due to a Aspergilloma Continued to be poorly and eventually refereed to Professor Denning at Wythenshaw who diagnosed me after various tests. Started first anti fungal treatment Itraconazole which after 8 months st...
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I think I developed ABPA after I emptied a compost maker that was not doing the job. Got a great lungful of dust. Came back from a trip coughing. Had to work trip to Philippines coming up. My GP thought I had walking pnuemonia and I went with AB's...
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I was exposed to Aspergillus Mold (and perhaps other strains as well) during the course of work as a Registered Nurse for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs in Texas. Although an asthmatic during childhood, mostly provoked by contact in allergens; I did ...
Aspergillosis stories
In 2007 had granulomas removed from right lung due to sarcoidosis, had chest infections on and off for years. Have been asthmatic since young child, in 2016 found my breathlessness was getting worse. After chest X-rays CTscans and blood tests diagnos...
Aspergillosis stories
I was diagnosed with ABPA in 1986. I was 34 and had been coughing up blood. my Gp sent me for a sputum test and so on, and ABPA was diagnosed. I felt very unwell, tired and thought I was nearly dead. I didn't want to take steroids as I thought they ...

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