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Stories of Bartter's Syndrome

Bartter's Syndrome stories
My first brother was born early and the doctors didn't know what to do for him. He passed away after several days I the NICU.  Because of him, I live.  Genetic testing prepared the physicians for what to expect when my mom started once agai...
Bartter's Syndrome stories
My daughter was born full term with no issues during the pregnancy. She had good apgar score and seemed just fine. She took formular well and grew some but was always small for her age. We constantly asked about this issue but we're always told to be...
Bartter's Syndrome stories
My son Harry was born eleven weeks prematurely in 2013.  Polyhydramnios became apparent at 21 weeks of pregnancy, and at 22 weeks I was admitted to hospital, having contractions.  I spent most of the next seven weeks in hospital, having a t...
Bartter's Syndrome stories
I had excessive amniotic fluid in my pregnnacy. At 28 weeks I measured 52 weeks pregnant. I was admitted to the hospital at 27 weeks and my water broke at 28 weeks. Our little girl was born weighing 2.8 pounds.  Throughout her 90 day stay in th...

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