Not overdoing it
Having an inspiring and positive private forum with other low graders and their loved ones.
Dr Matthew Ewend @ UNC-Chapel Hill performed partial resection of my GrII OLIGODENDROGLIOMA with co- deletions and took Temodar
getting a diagnosis
My grandkids!
support from family
Udos Choice Oil
Finding the ketogenic diet
Healthy foods
Support of family, friends, and Facebook:
belonging to support groups
Incredible doctors (I'm lucky!)
support from medico's
Magnesium for headaches
Making new fantastic friends all around the world
Taking Attention Deficit medication on a daily basis allows me to function& minimize fatigue. #1 reason I can have somewhat normal life - whatever normal is:-/
finding the right diet
Accepting my new normal!
finding others with the same illness
Listening to my body - don’t push yourself