Positive thinking, always!
no existe nada para cambiarlo desde la medicina tradicional
Mi familia y amigos que siempre estuvieron a mi lado
I went to see differents specialists
Monthly siltuximab infusions are saving my life.
August IL 6 level 21.93
My new fiance
Savoir ma maladie après de. Nombreux faux diafnostiques
I tried too eat fresh foods
Endoxan (chemotherapy)
volcarse a medicina alternativa, me ha dado resultado
Fortalecer mis defensas y comer saludable
Eat healthy
My mom is my biggest advocate and I don't know what I would do without her.
Started Sylvant treatment's
As far as medicine nothing, I can't take prediozone it made me shl
Me reposer sans compter
I feel like I'm going too die
a no bajar los brazos, buscar sitios en la web e ayuda
Tener fe en que todo va a estar bien
Sleep well
Dr. David Fajgenbaum with the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network has been a godsend.
October IL 6 level is 8,000
Nothing has worked todate.
Manger très sainement
I'm being harassed by people in my community and am too broke and sick too leav