What are the best treatments for Castleman disease?

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Castleman disease treatments
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They say that for UCD removal of nodes Is best, but from my experience and meeting others, I believe treatment like I had for MCD is best.
I've had 3 lots and only suffer from sweats. I think rituximab or equivalent should be administered for all castlemans disease patients

Posted May 20, 2017 by Dave 860
There are so many, What works for one person may not work for the next. In the US as of right now Siltuximamb is the only USDA approved medication for Castleman Disease.

Posted Oct 7, 2017 by Victoria 840
Inhibitions of IL-6 so far seems to be the best approach, which is what the drug Siltuximamb does.

And there are other ways to inhibit IL-6 besides drugs: https://www.selfhacked.com/blog/interleukin-6/

Posted Feb 26, 2018 by dandsp2 300

Castleman disease treatments

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Is Castleman disease contagious?

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Is Castleman disease hereditary?

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Desde 2012, aparece bolita en el cuello, se hace biopsia PAFF da Sindrome Linfoproliferativo, se pide operar para biopsiar mejor, ahi el 31/10/12 se hace, el resultao Enfermedad de Castleman, y comienza el peregrinar, mas de 10 sesiones de Quimiotera...

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