Stories of Cavernous Malformation

Cavernous Malformation stories
In October 2014, I began having unsual symptoms out of the blue like extreme fatigue, headaches, vision problems, and jamais vu. My doctor sent me to get a CT followed by an MRI. It was found that I had a brain bleed coming from a Cavernous Malformat...
Cavernous Malformation stories
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Cavernous Malformation stories
Had a seizure for the first and only time this past June then was diagnosed with ccm 2 exon 2-10 deletion....multiple in brain in spine ....liver ...adrenal gland and breast
Cavernous Malformation stories
In June 2013 I was just coming off the high of seeing my 2nd son graduate high school.  Life was taking its normal coarse at 40 when I fell hard during a volleyball game with the youth group at church. I landed on my shoulder and   over the...
Cavernous Malformation stories
At the age of 2 my son was diagnosed as infected after getting into a shock state and having his brain scanned. He got into procedure right away and recovered fast. Since then he had one more operation to remove a bleeding cluster at the cerebe...

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