Rest, and meditation.
Finding community in others who have gone through the experience of having a Cavernoma
Pursuing brainstem surgery for the cav mal that was continuously bleeding.
Took up tai chi for healing
Balance therapy
Staying active has helped. If I stay busy I think about my symptoms less
My kids give strength to fight.
I knit to reduce stress
CCM2 with Deletion
I keep stress to a minimum. More stress = more issues.
Tai Chi
Yoga. Makes all the difference with both physical and emotional well being.
Dr. Gary Retacop Vancouver
Ice packs
Not being afraid to ask questions of my doctors and getting a second opinion or a third, etc
Continuing physical therapy after surgery, and even reevaluating the need to continue it again years later to rebuild muscles.
Sleep more and don't feel guilty about it
Physical therapy
My family pulled me out of the dark times
My family's care
12 total at this time
Having someone close to me that's not judgemental. Someone to lean on when necessary.
Less alcohol. Simple and obvious.
Misdiagnosed on first bleed.
Salir a la montaña
Therapy to process what the experience was like to live through
A positive attitude and a warrior spirit.
eating spicy chili peppers
Ask for help
I learned to deal with my anxieties over the years
Was told I had brain cancer and I said I want second opinion at Iowa City Hospital ...then after alot of test and a final look they finally saw the rasberry lessions in my MRI.I was told I had CCMs
Laughter. Great distraction from stress.
Healthy diet
Losing weight. Carrying less around means less stress on my neuro system.
Happy to be here as the new me.
Ser muy positiva