Story about Cholesteatoma .

Hannah 's story

Apr 17, 2016

By: Lisa

Hannah is my 16 year daughter.  She has had problems with her ears since she was born.  Constant trips to gp pediatric Dr for antibiotics for ear infections and get big injection on antibiotics when it wouldn't clear up. There was no bouncing on hearing test on tympanic telling us she was having trouble hearing.  She had tubes put in and didn't help at all. This went on until she was 2. She eventually looked like she had a stroke on her left side of her face.  Ent refered  us to Vanderbilt.  She had mri done. Dr found ctoma on left side. Of course this took awhile because Dr was specialist ent  and getting the mri. She had her first surgery in third grade. the ctoma had hit the facial nerve and destroyed all three hearing bones. Unfortunately the right side decided to grow ctoma after that and she had another surgery a year later.  Then the left went again .left again. Right again. Left again.  Right again.  Left again with cwd. Then we thought she was doing good, no smelly green snot drainage coming out, but dangerous situation occurred.  There was drainage going on but it was trapped in middle ear.  It was destroying her right ear canal and eating her skull bone behind ear. It exposed her brain lining and almost caused infection in brain.  She doing well now having clean dry ears for almost a year. She wears a bte  hearing aid on right. She also had the BAHA implant done recently on the left.  

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sending prayers, so glad she is doing well, such a horror story for you al. xx


Commented 3 years ago Rachel 10

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