Story about Chronic Kidney Disease .

Beyond strong

May 28, 2017

By: Tony

Born november 24th 1984 in washington dc. I now live in columbus ohio. I was born with prune belly syndrome. I was diagnosed while in my moms womb. My urethra exploded like a water hose and i had a gallon of fluid in my body which made me weigh 12lbs. I needed 18 reconstruction surgeries before i was three and around that time had my first kidney transplant. That kidney lasted 9 years, i had dialysis for a week or two before i had my second kidney transplant. That one lasted a bit, untill i had gum surgery and didnt take the andtibiotics right. I became septic and was in the hospital for a week, to try and get my system back in order fast forward to about 2-3 years later. I was loving in tiffin ohio with my girlfriend went to my nephrologist up there and he said my kidney function was at 13% and i needed to start dialysis right away. I did dialysis for 8 years, i was on it so long my ports kept getting infected fistulas and such either quit working or clotted off. They had tolb me if my last port got infected they would have to stop dialysis. Well soon after that i found out i had another kidney donner. I had my transplant may 9th or 2015. I had 3 transplants donners were my dad my mom and my sister whome im thankful everyday for

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