Mandibular Distraction at 3 months old
Not easy for the parents to understand what is going on with their kids until you have the diagnosis. After, it help to understand.
My family loves me so much!
Receiving the genetic diagnosis
Physical therapy
My grandson
Daughter has css
Live in the present not whats to come
Специальное лечебное питание Ресурс 2.0 Файбер
Brooke is an extremely friendly, funny and sassy little diva.
I have seizures, and medication has reduced them to a few times per year.
Insisting on oral feeding opportunities without the NG tube in
physiotherapie, occupationnal therapy, speech therapy.
Having a supportive therapeutic team
Equestrian therapy
Him overcoming obstacles
Botox in my legs
Be ready and willing to accept what comes
Введение питания 100 мл/час
Brooke blows raspberries to show disapproval
I have Crohn's Disease and have a closely controlled diet.
Using surgical grade face masks to protect her from infection, allowing her to attend school regularly and be in hospital less
Having a very supportive family.
Having faith in God’s Will
Protein shakes
The love he shows
Keppra for my seizures
Self care is key (Mother of Ccs son and still struggling with this)
Использование помпы для питания
I am unable to chew food so everything is blended to a consistency of rice.