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Cold Urticaria diagnosis

How is Cold Urticaria diagnosed?

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History of Cold Urticaria

What is the history of Cold Urticaria?

Cold Urticaria sports

Is it advisable to do exercise when affected by Cold Urticaria? Which ...

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Is Cold Urticaria contagious?

Is Cold Urticaria contagious?

Stories of Cold Urticaria

Cold Urticaria stories
Parents noticed my hives at age 5.  Got several allergy tests, including food tests.  I remember at one time they thought I was allergic to hotdogs.  Somehow they figured it out.  
Cold Urticaria stories
At age 14 I hopped out of a pool and had welts all over my body. My uncle (a Dr) said it looked like Raynaud's disease. Later a skin speciliast diagnosed it as Cold Urticaria. I tried anti-histamines for a while but hated the side effects. I prefer t...
Cold Urticaria stories
i didn't experience any symptoms of cold urticaria until I was 8 years old. I grew up in Upstate Ny and spent a lot of time playing outside and in the snow. The first time I ever had a reaction, I was sledding with a few friends, and went inside and ...
Cold Urticaria stories
I developed cold urticaria after a long viral infection I believe.
Cold Urticaria stories
I've had OCD my whole life, but when I was 7 or 8, I started getting constant headaches. I went to lots of doctors, and they still can't figure out why I get so much unbearable headaches. Around the same time, I developed Cold Urticaria

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