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Colloid cyst life expectancy

What is the life expectancy of someone with Colloid cyst?

Colloid cyst symptoms

Which are the worst symptoms of Colloid cyst?

Is Colloid cyst hereditary?

Is Colloid cyst hereditary?

History of Colloid cyst

What is the history of Colloid cyst?

Stories of Colloid cyst

Colloid cyst stories
April 2014 I went to my PCP because I was tired all the time.  A previous sleep study said I had sleep apnea but I never had my septum repaired as I was instructed to do.  So he sent me to an ENT to finally have this done.  At the same...
Colloid cyst stories
My journey began way back in 1986, I had just had a baby and then I began having monster headaches that would knock me off of my feet.  I had two children under the age of 3 and didn't have time to stop for very long.  My headaches subsided...
Colloid cyst stories
Diagnosed with a 4 mm Colloid Cyst in June, 2015. In January of 2015 began having severe headaches, confusion, memory problems, mood changes and passing out which eventually brought me to the point of being brought to the ER at which time they did a ...
Colloid cyst stories
Diagnosed 2006 with emergency craniotomy 1 week later. Re-growth found in 2009. Yearly MRIs with 'watch & wait' approach. No symptoms at present (in 2016).
Colloid cyst stories
I was diagnosed in 2013 with a 8mm colloid cyct due to a ER visit with symptoms of lost memory,vision disturbed,and massive migraine. I'm in wait and watch. It has grown to 9mm, 1 more mm and it will have to be removed via brain surgery. I have numer...

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