The support group on Facebook CSID caregivers and patients group. I'm no longer alone. After 30+ years of feeling exceptionally alone with CSID has immensely affected me being able to communicate, share and inevitably help others with CSID.
Enzyme replacement therapy with Sucraid
My daughter was diagnosed at 5.5 months. She's now 6 and thriving
Two daughters, born in 2004 and 2010 both diagnosed with CSID
The csid group on facebook has helped me understand qhat we as a family are going through
El diagnóstico
Eliminate Sucrose from diet
Strict sucrose free diet
Ser diagnosticada
My 3 year old has gsid was diagnosed at 15 months old
Been diagnosed with Congenital Sucrase Isomaltase Deficiency has changed my life
Specialized diet
Listening to my body
Sucraid-1999 to the present! Best years of my life. First birthday cake in my life that I could eat was my 30th birthday!
Family and friends support
Great support system
We had never heard of Csid before we had our daughter.
When my lil boy got put on invertase has made a huge difference would be lost without it
Grupo facebook: Dcsi, son un gran apoyo
Family support and love
Reduce milk and starch
Home made food - nearly everything
Tomar medicamentos
Enzyme supplemtatio therapy
Meal prepping and taking snacks everywhere
Grapes (if I am eating grapes I am happy). An empty bathroom without a wait and expensive toilet paper.
Manage diet
Invertase as an enzyme replacement has given us our daughter.
Dieta correcta y segura
Dextrose/Fructose. Low carb goodies.
Drink water, be active, get sleep
Flexibility with starch intake on occasion
Asistir al médico
Research everything!