Drink lots of fluids. Lots and lots of fluid. Makes a huge difference
Drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day
Others with the condition
Drinking lots and lots of water
11 years of pain
Penicillamine controlled my stone production until my teenage years.
Putting fresh lemons in my drinks everyday in water or juice.
An excellent doctor with experience treating Cystinuria
More water
Drink at least 3 litres of water per day
Careful monitoring of my protein intake
Finding support online
Try to find a urologist or nephrologist who knows what this is!
Being on Penicillimine and other medication
Only diagnosed 4 years ago
I currently take Thiola, which has helped my stone production.
Cutting salt/sodium out of my diet i.e. Crisps/chips are not to be eaten at all!! Animal proteins to be cut out also.
Drinking plenty of water
Stick to 5 days vegetarian 2 days meat diet but low protein
Water, all the water
Daily potassium carbonate
Medication is gooooooooood
I found the International Cystinuria Foundation support group on Facebook. They are amazing
Family and friends
Always being supported by family, friends and colleagues
Drink loads!!!
Finding a good pain management group that worked with me on pain control has been important
Drink, Drink, Drink!!!!
Hot jacuzzi when in pain.
A good consultant
Low methionine intake
Limiting sodium
maintaining alkalinity in my urine
Sleeping without having to set the alarm ^.^