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Dandy-Walker Syndrome treatments

What are the best treatments for Dandy-Walker Syndrome?

Living with Dandy-Walker Syndrome

How to live with Dandy-Walker Syndrome? Can you be happy living with D...

Dandy-Walker Syndrome life expectancy

What is the life expectancy of someone with Dandy-Walker Syndrome?

Latest progress of Dandy-Walker Syndrome

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Stories of Dandy-Walker Syndrome

Dandy-Walker Syndrome stories
I joined this group in the hope to raise awareness. My son was born with Oesophageal atresia ( now repaired ). A week later we found out he also had dandy walker variant, lissencephaly and spina bifida occulta. Doctors couldn't give us much informati...
Dandy-Walker Syndrome stories
I was pre-diagnosed when my mommy was 20 weeks pregnant, and MRI after birth confirmed my syndrome. I'm in lots of therapy and getting stronger everyday. 
Dandy-Walker Syndrome stories
Julian was born in 2010 and few weeks after his birth we found out he has Dandy Walker malformation - allegedly because of congenital infection with cytomegalovirus (CMV).   He has severe disabilities and is totally dependent on us - he can't ...
Dandy-Walker Syndrome stories
My son Sebastian was born in December 1994, in late summer 1995 he started having seizures. After a few EEG's and a brain mri they said he has Dandy Walker Malformation. He was a bit behind meeting his milestones and the doctors had told me not to wo...

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