Stories of Diabetes insipidus

Diabetes insipidus stories
In September of 2013 I started to have prolonged headaches. I went to several doctors and a chiropractor but no one seemed to know why I was having headaches. I finally went to the ER and after dealing with initial looks of dismissal as to why I woul...
Diabetes insipidus stories
Had condition all my life. Diagnosed at 45 yo.
Diabetes insipidus stories
My son Luke was diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus 10/2015. Later being diagnosed with LCH 4/2016.
Diabetes insipidus stories
Hi im diane ive ad ndi since a woz a baby n im the only girl in my family on my dad side that as it n im a mum ov 4 children n i av a wonderful partner ov 16 yrs n weve bin alot bcoz 2 of my boys also as ndi aswel 
Diabetes insipidus stories
My four years old daughter got CDI after head insury when she was almost three. Needs Minirin three times a day. I still dream in total recovery :) 

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22 people with Diabetes insipidus have taken the SF36 survey. Mean of Diabetes insipidus is 1415 points (39 %). Total score ranges from 0 to 3,600 being 0 the worst and 3,600 the best. Take the SF36 Survey

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Diabetes insipidus

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