Is Diabetes contagious?

Is Diabetes transmitted from person to person? Is Diabetes contagious? What are the routes of contagion? People with experience in Diabetes help solve this question.

Is Diabetes contagious?
6 answers
No, diabetes is not contagious in any way shape or form

Posted May 28, 2017 by Jenny 2170
Absolutely not!! People really think this?

Posted Jul 22, 2017 by Victoria Lovee Warner 2150
No. It isn't a virus, it isn't a germ. It is a naturally occurring disease, and cannot be caused by another diabetic. Nobody knows the exact cause for it, but we do know that Diabetes is NOT contagious.

Posted Jul 22, 2017 by Alaina 2150
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Posted Nov 30, 2017 by Phyto 100
Not contagious. It all down to your life style eat clean exercise well

Posted Jul 29, 2018 by Stephen 2600
No it is not contagious! Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease, your body has basically destroyed your insulin producing cells because they think it is a foreign disease.

Posted Feb 22, 2019 by Vanessa 1300

Is Diabetes contagious?

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Hi I'm Alan. I'm the Chair for the outreach program with JDRF in the Montreal region and proud of it. I first became a T1D at age 9 in Germany when checking your sugar ment checking it in your urine not your blood and trying to match the color.  Gl...
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I have already done this in my blog.  So, I will just refer you to that.  typecasteddiabetes.wordpress.com
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My 11 year old son was diagnosed t1 july/15.   We are pretty new at all this stuff, but 3 months in we feel like pros!     Feel free to contact me! I'm looking for others to connect with!   
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I am a mother of a Type 1. Diagnosis was at the age of 2. Jaden is now 12 years old. She has the Dexcom G4 and also the Omnipod pump. Life for her is a little rough but we manage! Jaden is a happy and healthy girl and that is all I could ever want.
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I was diagnosed with T1D in 2004 when I was 12. It was shit aha!! But I've leanrt to accept it and I'm fighting for a cure!! I'm studying genetics in uni now and I plan on going into research :)  follow me on Twitter: @teeayyzee follow me on Insta...

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Hello, has anybody tried any automatic device practicing exercise? I run frequently, and I am thinking to acquire an insulin automatic pump... but is a huge investment and I would like to hear some opinions first. Thanks!!
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Is anyone following some kind of natural treatment for CRPS? Is it working? Thanks!!
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I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes. I am a bit afraid about how it can impact in my life, specially doing sports, because I am a fanatic of running and swimming.    thanks in advance.  
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A1C test positive (6.7) means to be diabetic Type 2? Hello everybody here… During a regular test made in at my job they made me this test and the doctor told me I am diabetic. It sounds weird to me... I practice lot of sports and I also follow...

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