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We have a very clear mission and we do not want to rely on private companies that could disturb our purpose. From the beginning, our aims are:

We wish you were healthy your whole life and never had to use our platform. But, if one day the disease hovers over you or someone in your family, we will help you to find others in a similar situation, as well as the best doctors and researchers for your condition. Their experience could help you a lot in those hard days of your life.



12/28/19, 3:59 PM


10 €

Me encanta el proyecto, ánimo!
9/28/17, 4:49 PM


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9/28/17, 6:37 AM


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Me encanta el proyecto!
9/28/17, 6:34 AM


10 €

Ahí va mi granito de arena Necesitáis ayuda, porque queréis AYUDAR !!
9/27/17, 5:57 PM


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Muchas gracias por lo que haceis. No dejeis de seguir luchando.
9/27/17, 11:51 AM


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Thanks you
9/26/17, 5:46 AM