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Couple and Doose Syndrome

Is it easy to find a partner and/or maintain relationship when you hav...

Doose Syndrome cure

Does Doose Syndrome have a cure?

Is Doose Syndrome hereditary?

Is Doose Syndrome hereditary?

Doose Syndrome jobs

Can people with Doose Syndrome work? What kind of work can they perfor...

Stories of Doose Syndrome

Doose Syndrome stories
-febrile TC presentation @ 2 yrs 4 mths, normal development up to diagnosis, no family hx of epilepsy, brother w febrile seizures as baby, resolved - 5 types: TC, myos, absence, myo astatic, tonics  (in order of squantity) - myos absence and m...
Doose Syndrome stories
My son was diagnosed when he was two years old, October 2007. Have failed 18 meds, VNS, keto diet and cbd.
Doose Syndrome stories
Started having seizures at 4 yrs old was diagnosed with Doose at 4 1/2. Zarotin has been the only medication that has helped after trying pretty much every other medication. 
Doose Syndrome stories
River is my 6 year old daughter who was diagnosed with myoclonic Astatic epilepsy or Doose syndrome. She was diagnosed epileptic in the beginning of 2013 and then was diagnosed with Doose syndrome in the middle of 2014. We recognize the myoclonic act...
Doose Syndrome stories
My son had his first seizure at 2.5yrs and we are just over 2 years on this hell road! On keto and 3 AEDs.

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