Changing my diabetes medication helped me to control things
Sumatriptan Intramuscular Injection
My mum who always helps me no matter what
Botox, trigger point injections, pain medications muscle relaxers and massage
Teaching my child that everyone has something. They just may not know what their thing is yet. Sometimes you can see it. Sometimes you can't but everyone has a burden to live with and overcome.
Being downsized and forced not to work over 40+ hours every week has resulted in reduced pain.
Listen to your body
Cell food by nu science has helped chronic fatigue gotten rid of many symptoms
Keep moving
Good strong friendships.
Coming clean to my family about how bad i really feel. Allowing them to support me instead of taking this on alone.
Getting a diagnosis explaines so much
My service dog
Tener dislexia me hace ver la vida de otramanera
Creer en mi
Steam treatments and tea
15 l/m 100% Oxygen
Naps lots and lots of naps!
ibuprofen, warm showers, tramadol, voltaren gel
Therapy EDMR treatment
Watching more comedies on TV has increased my joy - laughter helps with pain control.
You have to fight it , but listen to your body or it will force you to stop.
collagen powder has helped with joint pain
VP Shunt since 2012
Mind what you eat
The right medication balanced with alternative treatments like soft tissue occupational therapy and chiropractic
Getting a GP who is proactive and genuinely interested in making me better, not just masking my problems or pretending its in my head.
Speak to people you trust
Finding people that have the same condition as you // support one another
La familia es muy importante, con su apoyo lo superas
Ser mas comunicativa, abrirme con las personas
Ritalin, fluoxetine
Sumatriptan or Zomig Nasal Spray
No more than 3 hours of high activity a day else i am wiped out for weeks
people who try to understand with out compareing my illness to theirs, or attempting to cmpare pain to a normal injury, those people are rare and it helps so much to just have someone listen with out comparing and with out judging.
I take my medications faithfully
Being able to help out friends when they need advice makes me feel useful again.
On good days, don't let the world make you feel guilty, for doing the things you enjoy.
knowing my blood panel and fixing the vitamins accordingly has helped immensely.
Botox since 2016
Talk to fellow patients
Being heard and treated like a human rather than a lab rat
Finding relaxing non strenuous activities to occupy my time. I started a custom artwork company and play computer games.
Dont bottle things up
"There is always light at the end of the tunel."
No busques caminos fáciles, no los hay buscas un buen profesional.
Practicar deporte
ibibrophen topical gel