Pain therapist
Gabapentin and Nortriptyline have enabled me to live with this condition.
Sleep with my feet higher than the body, above the blanket.
working up to gabapentin 600 mg twice a day
Meditation and Yoga w/deep breathing
Being believed and finally helped
Keeping house at moderate temperature ALL year
Meeting other people same or similar to you in hospital so not alone
Cold showers before going to bed
gentle cooling with a fan
Large doses of Gabapentin gave me some quality of life back.
Feet in ice
topiramate100 mg x2
doTERRA essential oils have helped the best - peppermint, basil, and Deep Blue
Take Effexor SR 150mg a day for many years.
Eliminating grains, sugar, legumes from my diet
propanalol was the first medication to help me
Finding a doctor that gave me a diagnosis
Supportive family
1% Ketamine/2% Amitriptyline cream brings some relief
Icepaks constantly for feet and hands
Staying as active as I can. every day
cooling lotion
Combination of Amitriptiline and Etoricoxib works for me.
Lyrica. Venlafaxine and Methadon
Stay in AC
Vornado fans, mister fans, central air
Patience with myself!
CPAP machine
My Husband stopped drinking as it hurts too much afterwards - and not the hangover
Compound Cream
When I take VIT.D
Homeopathy natural remedies
Asprin has relieved some of the pain which had previously been constant.
Coconut Oil to moisture skin
Conversing back and forth on Erythromelalgia fb groups
Being diagnosed - taken 18mths
Amitriptyline has helped me sleep through bad flares
Change of diet. Now on my blood type diet (A). I have noticed a big change to my symptoms.
Just finding a Doctor who was able to tell me what I had was huge for me.
Putting my feet into 30˚C cold water
Having a great physical therapist
Soaking my feet in ice water