Story about Essential Thrombocythemia .

A recent diagnosis

Sep 29, 2017

By: Pat

Last year (winter of 2015/2016) I had a virus and, at one stage, collapsed and was taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack/stroke. I had neither but my platelet level was elevated at over 600. However, the hospital ascribed to the virus and did not notify my local doctor. 

Earlier this year (2017) I had a few blood tests, as part of a medication review (I was on simvastatin) and my potassium level was elevated. Nothing was said about my platelets at this time. After one regular test, an ambulance turned up at my house and whisked me off to the Emergency Department of the local hospital because the potassium was at a critical level (7). Further tests at the hospital concluded that my potassium level was ok and the test samples sent to the hospital had probably haemolysed in the test tubes prior to testing! However my platelet level was over a thousand.

I was given an appointment with the Haematology Department at the hospital and, after further tests (JAK2 and a spleen ultrasound) the consultant decided I had ET and put me on a course of Hydrea which I have been on for three months with great results (down to 419 now)

I don't have to go back to Haematology for three months now. After the first prescription I had to attend after a month; then last time as the levels were descending I had a two month break between visits.

The consultant said that I may eventually be able to come off the Hydrea because of changes in my bone marrow as I get older.

I never had any symptoms of ET apart from fatigue but I have been tired all my life!
Story about Essential Thrombocythemia

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