You must take Colchicine daily.
take colchicine evry day
Plenty of rest
Diet Change
recognizing the triggers
Take colchicine daily , if you start feel better take it every other day.
Diagnosis and treatment on colchicine
Going Gluten Free. FMF is a disease which worse symptoms are triggered by particular foods or activities. I have been campaigning for over 10 years for FMF patients to at least consider or try a GF diet. It does not mean that it works for everyone and cer
Gluten-free diet changed my life.
colchicine Houde
Colchicine was like magic
colchicine (not Colcrys) has changed my life
Reducing stress
finding a great doctor that listens to me
Close contact with dr/nurse
Moving to a warmer climate
Colchicina Lirca EU
My son's and my family always fighting with me
Cut back on physical stress
Colchicine .6 mg 3 times daily
Colchicine & Support from my family
Never forget taking Colchicine, i usually take 2 mg per day (on different times)
it is very defecould sikness
Starting colchicine
taking Colchicine has greatly reduced my symptoms
colchicine seems to be controling flare ups
Getting my DNA done at 23andMe was a life saver. I found my FMF mutation in my raw data.
Remember other people disease and feel thankful that we are better than others
be relex
Cortisone Injections (when in abdominal crisis)
Essential Oils
finding support
Learn your triggers
Belief with a positive mental attitude
Dont eat heavy food.
Less stress