Dejar todos los farmacos
Having friends and family that understand
Chasing the pain with Nerve Blocks and trigger point injections around my body
Finding a bioidentical dr to treat my thyroid based on my symptoms
Magnesium baths and tablets
regresar a mi isla y cambiar de clima frio a tropical
vitalaxin (relaxin hormone)
Taking Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
Stopped eating processed foods
Faith in God and understanding from my church family
Learning to pace myself is helping
My dogs
Eliminated wheat, dairy, beef, and sugar from diet
Una dieta vegana
Combining Tylenol 3 with Tramadol every 4 hours ..during waking hours. About 4 to 5 times per day.
My son always makes my days better
Weekly Osteopathy
vitamin C and salt
Turmeric- Golden Paste
having surgery within a year of being diagnosed
Massages of my neck, shoulders and back. Try to find a massage school where they have great pricing!!!!
Family & friends support system, Canine service animal
When my headaches are severe, Treximet is a life saver! It's a migraine med that my Neurologist said seems to work on Chiari headaches.
Support groups and their advice of medicines used
my husband ... he is very close to perfect most of the time ... except when he's not
Medications: Gabapentin and Meloxicam
Chiari decompression surgery
Yoga. It can be toned down to suit your personal ability It helps to keep joints moving and muscles moving in efforts to prevent contracture and improve circulation and oxygenation to the blood.
Massive support system from family and friends
My husband who has held me up on bad days and walked by my side on good ones
Essential oils
Relationship w God
only thing I find that has really helped was my meds
exercising by walking my more often
My kids for keeping me moving. My boyfriend for his love and support. My pets for their joy.
taking my meds on time using my Mango Health app.
Massage Therapy with the right LMT every other week has made a huge difference in my abilities. me some extra hours sleep
A memory foam mattress
My hot water bottle always provides me some relief
Getting off all Meds
ketamine...wish it was offered by more doctors though
35 years of nursing helps me feel better. Kind of ironic isn't it a life of helping others get better, helps me now.