Plasma Pheresis
Zip fizz black cherry with b12 helps keep my energy up
la cura appropriata
High dose corticosteroids
Rituxan is a God send
Just had my nose repaired
Rituxan is a wonder drug
Staying connected with supportive people.
I have a team of wonderful doctors
Difficult diagnosis
Keeping all doctor appointments
Power of prayer is amazing
la vicinanza dei parenti e amici
Rest when you need to
My family and friends keep me together
This disease is nasty
Learning to take care of myself!
Also diagnosed with RP which solved many mysteries
Excellent care at Mt. Auburn Hospital
Keeping moving
Keeping crafty helps
il nuovo stile di vita
Learning my limits
Ask lots of questions
Always look to the future
Live your life to the fullest, there are people that are worse off then me
Establishing new goals and priorities and this acting on them!
I have tons of support and have learned to listen to my body
Long road to good health