Going on to add back therapy - levothyroxine added to my carbimazole
Epson salt soak
Biotin, really helped my hair to grow and thicken up.
Going gluten free
Gluten free
Fé em Deus
Full thyroidectomy after 1 year of medication that didn't seem to work helped me, especially by removing the large goiter
Stopping smoking and taking meds as described
15 months on carbimazole
Lower Stress
Well managed antithyroid medication with regular blood tests
Cutting out sugar.
After RAI twice, Synthroid 200
So far nothing
Educating myself on grave disease as I find most doctors have very little knowledge
eat 1.5 cups of goitrogens in the day
Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Increase in caloric intake
Be Patient, because treatment is long
Orbital Decompression fixed my bulging eyes
I do sports included compétition
Changes in my diet. I am on the AIP(Autoimmune Protocol Diet)
gluten free
Diet - avoiding gluten
Graves Disease has helped me become more intuitive regarding body & soul.
trust your endo
Never give up
I refused to get RAI.
Carbimazole and beta blockers made me feel miles better. The symptoms before medication were horrendous.
Religiously following my block and replace routine, take the drugs everyday at the same time
Had thyroidectomy in may 2016
Taking B multi vitamin and Zinc
Be active
Joining slimming world and losing 21 lbs
Milk Thistle
Taking various vitamins to manage side effects of Graves
Diet, I went onto Banting and not only lost weight but also feel so much better, much more energy.
Taking Carbimazole
Adrenal support