Growth hormone shots
Being very careful taking my meds at a specific time every day
God: my faith has gotten me through the worst pain I've ever felt, and my ongoing chronic pain, illness, and disability.
Ask your endocrinologist when you should take a "stress dose" of your corticosteroids!
Diagnosed at age 56 when I complained since childhood!
Whole foods diet (raw vegan = best results)
When I am on antibiotics all my numbers look much better and I feel better, but you can not get a standing order of antibiotics
Keeping up with the latest research so I know what to discuss with the doctor
Art: making jewelry, home accessories, computer graphics, drawing, painting (although the last two are limited by my disabling conditions).
Take your medications properly and on schedule for best results!
I have other major diagnoses and wonder whether this is all links together.
Support of the people around me
Continuing to take daily naps
Family: they support me and help care for me; and of course, they love me and I them. That makes a big impact.
Have a good endocrinologist who is well-educated on this condition, and visit them every 3-4 months.
I have a Oanhypoptuitary Syndrome with no known or recognised cause.
Low stress environment