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Dec 2, 2

I origiinally thought is was coming doen with flu or something similar on 31st July 2015. After a heavey night sweat it felt OK the next day. On the 3rd August i woke up with what i can describe as crampy feeling in both legs, buttock and triceps.

I initially thought i had over exerted while feilding cricket for my sons, so i used radion-B and tiger balm to try and sooth the aches. This continued to the same, but on Thursday the 6th August i visted my GP. The initial conclusion was it was most probably a virus and keep an eye on it. I was not ehibiting any other sysmptoms that crampy and pianful muscles. I was prescribed Co-codamol 30/500 and neaproxen. 

The family and I went on vacation on the 7th August to the lake district, the pain continued and i coped by moviing my legs and ars to stoppe the crampy feeling.

On 12th August the left side of my face dropped like bells palsy. That was the rigger to say this is getting worse. I was lossing streanth and coordination, my speach was affected and i was getting out of breath very easiliy. I visited the GP in Keswick, he took one look and said give me a couple of minutes, he phoned the local hospisatl and arranged for me to be admitted to Carlise general hospital. 

I was given a MRI anf lumber puncture and a chest X-Ray. The consensus was it was GBS, and they were looking at possible tratements, then i was transfered to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle. After another round of tests and elemination of other causes, GBS was diagnosed and on the 21st of August i started 6 doses of IVIG (180 grams in total). I was dischraged on 27th August 2015.

I never lost movement in my limbs, my lung capacity remained above 5 litres and the lowest peak flow was 550 l/min. The condition never got hold of mee as much as many. I am lucky in that I have a house equiped with a wet room and a lift. I think this allowed for my early discharge.

I am getting stronger but it is slow. day to day tthe improvement is not that noticable, but week by week it is.

 I still have the " snakes under my skin" and aches in legs and back.

I have a memory foam topper on my bed, it is fantastic, My wife bought me one for the hospital bed, allowed me to get a good nights sleep.

Relax when you need to.

Measure progress week by week or month by month.

Get a memory foam mattress


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