Story about HELLP Syndrome .

HELLP for me.

May 20, 2017

By: TayAnn

In 2008 I was diagnosed with PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome). In 2012, I made it a point to become more healthy. I started taking PreNatals in 2012. A year later, almost to the day I had concieved. I didn't realize I was with child until I was about 8 weeks along. Everything is going great! No morning sickness,  sleeping the day away, and random bursts of energy. As time goes on Doctor becomes more and more concerned with my BP. I was already on BP medication before we found out the sex of the baby. I felt fine... No indications my BP was even high! 17 weeks, I feel the first kicks, couldn't be more happy. 22 weeks, we are having a girl. Take a road trip, come back numb and can't feel her moving, go to the doctor, everything is fine. Legs are starting to swell... I am put on modified bed rest @ 24 weeks, only driving my babys father to work and pool time! I get to enjoy being waited on hand and foot, meals in bed, the works! Until I am exactly 28 weeks, I'm in pain, right side, mid-lower chest. We rush to the nearest hospital, NO L&D wing. Mag is immediately hooked up. They rush me to the nearest sister hospital...They check to see if I'm dialated at all, cervix is still closed. They send me home, even though my blood pressure is high. I'm back the next night, same symptoms, they decide to keep me overnight for observation. They find out my gallbladder is full of stones, but still aren't convinced that is all. They send in NICU staff to prepare me, they know I'm high risk and will deliver early.. High Risk doctors want me to get to 32 weeks... NICU is pushing for 30 weeks. They start a 24-hr urine sample to meaure protein levels. At about 10am, a collegue of my OB comes in to tell me I have HELLP syndrome and they want to prep me for an emergency c-section.. And my daughter is born at about 3pm at 28 weeks and 3 days. After I deliver my BP returns to normal.. but I have gained alot of water weight (gained 80 lbs in the 28 weeks).. and my legs tend to swell from time to time. I wouldn't of known of HELLP, if a friend of mine hadn't told me about her expeirence. I'm grateful of the time I did get with my daughter.. I always feel if I would have taken better care of myself, maybe she'd still be here.

Genesis Jade.

Tighty but Mighty Warrior Princess; Batgirl; Panda; Junebug. 

Born - 06/17/2014 ; Died - 05/03/2015.  

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