Which are the symptoms of HELLP Syndrome?

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HELLP Syndrome symptoms
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The low platelets resulting in losing consciousness throughout labour

Posted May 18, 2017 by Charlotte 1000
Upper chest pain under ribs on right side
Constantly needing to go to bath room but little unrination. Urine turning brown means kidney failure

Posted May 18, 2017 by Chantal 2150
HELLP syndrome is the medical name given to a serious complication of Pre Eclampsia involving a combination of liver and blood disorders. HELLP stands for H (haemolysis - red blood cell damage); EL (elevated liver enzymes - indicating liver damage); and LP (low platelets in the blood leading to a bleeding tendency). HELLP syndrome may be associated with other signs of Pre Eclampsia, such as high blood pressure, protein in the urine and swelling of the hands, feet or face. However, this is not always the case, and this may make its diagnosis more difficult. Women with HELLP syndrome often complain of a pain in the upper abdomen below the ribs, which is indicative of a tender liver. There may also be heartburn, vomiting and headache. The upper abdominal pain of the HELLP syndrome can be very severe, and is not relieved by simple remedies such as antacids, which would be the case if heartburn, for example, was the cause of the pain. HELLP syndrome symptoms can often be confused with other problems such as gallstones (cholelithiasis), inflammation of the gall bladder (cholecystitis) or liver inflammation (hepatitis).

As with the more typical cases of Pre Eclampsia, HELLP syndrome can arise at any stage during the second half of pregnancy.

The diagnosis of HELLP syndrome can be made by blood tests which examine liver enzymes, red blood cells and platelets. As with typical Pre Eclampsia, delivery is required for cure of the HELLP syndrome,irrespective of the stage of the pregnancy and maturity of the baby. Because the HELLP syndrome can be associated with a bleeding tendency secondary to a deficiency of platelets, it may be necessary to administer platelet transfusions. This may be particularly important before undertaking any surgery, such as a Caesarean section.

Posted May 21, 2017 by Kristy 2050
High blood pressure, liver failure, further health conditions later in life, heart conditions later in life. It could result in a premature baby, loss of life for mother and/or child.

Posted May 22, 2017 by Ashley 1220
I don't believe I have any residual issues from HELLP other than low muscle strength in my core due to surgery to repair my ruptured liver caused by HELLP. Due to low core muscle strength I suffer from chronic low back pain and other spinal pain. Occasionally I experience pain when I bend over or crunch the area my liver resides in due to adhesion's.

Posted May 24, 2017 by KJVGray 550
Liver Failure and Pre Clampsia

Posted Sep 10, 2017 by Lisa 250
Protein spilling in urine, seeing 'floaters', RUQ abd pain (hepatic). Edema. Dyspnea. HBP. Headaches.

Posted Nov 7, 2017 by Laura 1200
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In a consultation with other women who have suffered
Gives you a pain in the pit of stomach that you have inflammation in the liver.
The pressure rises subitamente.
You can introduce yourself to between 20 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.
Can occur post-pregnancy.
Affects tract bile.
Difficulty breathing.
Swollen hands and feet.
Carpal tunnel.

Posted Aug 11, 2017 by Carolina 600

HELLP Syndrome symptoms

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Is HELLP Syndrome contagious?

Is HELLP Syndrome contagious?

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Celebrities with HELLP Syndrome

Is HELLP Syndrome hereditary?

Is HELLP Syndrome hereditary?

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History of HELLP Syndrome

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HELLP Syndrome stories
Developed severe pre e at 23 weeks then Hellp at 32 weeks. baby stopped growing at 28 now a healthy 4 year old. ongoing nerve pain and hypersensitivity 
HELLP Syndrome stories
In 2008 I was diagnosed with PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome). In 2012, I made it a point to become more healthy. I started taking PreNatals in 2012. A year later, almost to the day I had concieved. I didn't realize I was with child until I was abo...
HELLP Syndrome stories
Two years ago, on April 2, 2015 at midnight I walked into the ER with major belching and discomfort in my upper abdomanal area. We thought it was going to be an in and out situation, thinking it was just bad gas. I was 27 weeks pregnant that day. Onc...
HELLP Syndrome stories
How 36 Hours Changed my Life – Anchored Brunette ⚓️ https://anchoredbrunette.wordpress.com/2016/12/09/how-36-hours-changed-my-life/
HELLP Syndrome stories
At 20 weeks I started to get sick. Having bad reflux with my first pregnancy I didn't think anything of it. at 24 weeks after 3 trips to the hospital I was finally admitted with upper right quadrant pain. The next day I was rushed to a large city ho...

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HELLP Syndrome forum

HELLP Syndrome forum
I was wondering if anyone knows of any studies showing a correlation between HELLP and Aneurysms? I was diagnosed with HELLP & Pre-Eclampsia the day after my due date and had an emergency c-section, but I'm pretty sure that I had it for my last 2...

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