I have to wear everyday a morfine plaster and change it every 3rd day.
Pain management through heat.
Tysabri infusions
My Family- My father is also affected by HME, and has helped me with the condition.
My life is limited because my condition
keeping active
Surgery to remover osteochondroma on fingers
Accepting my disease as a part of me
I follow school online, and now I can be most of the time available in class.
The power of communication through FB
Aqua yoga
Mentally dealing with intense daily pain head on...and winning
My Partner- I was told I was disgusting, and people gagged at my scars...he makes me feel beautiful.
finding an internet face book group
Luckily, my two kids do not have it.
keeping active
Staying active
Life improving surgery
Having someone I can talk too.
The power of the World Wide Web
Horseback riding
Omega 3 Krill Oil
My Friends- I have few but the ones I do have, help me to feel safe.
growing old and mellow
I've had 11 surgeries and to malignant transformations because of my condition.
keeping active
Tylenol for pain
Taking better care of my body. Physically and mentally