Hidratação constante com Cetaphil Restoraderm em, na seca, rodadas de corticóide quando em crise grave. (Constant skin moisturizing using Cetaphil Restoraderm and Corticoid runs when I'm in heavy crysis [Once a year, on the dry period])
Sub-Cut Immunoglobulins
Clinical Trial patient at NIH since 2006
Staying healthy weight
Fighting for my boy to receive the best care
antibiotic (Bactrim F)
The support of people I love
Xolair seems to be helping
Sequential homeopathy (Heilkunst)
Diagnostico por uma profissional que investigou meu caso ( Dra Marcia Montenefro de Brasília)
human growth hormone injections
Staying active
Faith in Jesus Christ
His dad holding his ground and telling the doctors they had two weeks to diagnose him or we were finding another hospital
my family always by my side
Getting put on regular rounds of Zyvox.
Prophylactic antibiotics
Ciclosporina duas vezes ao dia, continuamente. (Cyclosporin, twice a day, daily)
Top Skin care with bandages and creams
Keeping a detailed spreadsheet of every accident and illness I've had since birth
Warm bed
Not taking all the medication the hospital wants me to take
Fighting doctors for the right medicine
probioticos + óleo de gergelim +aplicações de toxina botulínica em areas com recorrencia de hidroadenite/Probiotics + sesame oil + botulinum toxin injections in areas with recurrence of hidroadenite
Being in therapy
I have a great self confidence and supportive family
Excellent relationships with doctors
Eu pesquisar e correr atrás e manter contatos externos
cbd oil
Eating healthy
Family support
Me.... his mother going with my gut instinct as a mom and telling doctors NO!! When I knew it was right for him!!
The drs who cared for me
Changing my diet to almost all vegan and switching to distilled water.
refusing to compromise life goals
O amor da minha família e da minha namorada, que, mesmo com essa condição, nunca me abandonaram. (The love of my family and my girlfriend. Even with this condition they never stopped fighting for me)
Prophylactic Antibiotics and Antifungals
Levofloxacin 500 mg 1x day for 3 weeks when starting to feel ill
Not letting the disease define me! I'm someone with hies but that's not all I am
Finding a brillant doctor that listens
alimentação adequada e exercícios regulares
Having a healthy way to cope
I am currently on the Banting diet and that helps
Finding out what he is allergic / sensitive to and avoiding them. Healthy eating. Exercise.