Hyperekplexia advice

Which advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed with Hyperekplexia?

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To have exercise and stretching, also to get on clonazepam but that didn't help me

Posted Feb 27, 2017 by Kymberlee 1000

Hyperekplexia advice

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My son, born April 2016, was diagnosed with Hyperekplexia five days after birth. He has it rather severely, with reoccurring apnoeas. Please feel free to contact me, especially if you are a new parent or have the GLRB mutation. 
 My name is Jared, when I was younger a lot of my falls were chalked up to me being an accident prone kid, after many years of wrongful diagnosis of psychological issues it was finally determined that my condition was indeed neurological, and the di...
Hi, My daughter is 3yrs old. When she was born she had her first "episode". her episodes consist of her startling, going stiff, shaking. she used to have up to 60/70 a day. she has a very disturbed sleep and is a very anxious little girl. her doctors...
i developed what the Drs thought was epilepsy at 22 years of age. My symptoms have changed over the years to the stage where a fright makes me seize and fall, aslso don't even need noise these episodes just happen, I can have 1 a day to 10 or more a ...
Born in 1944,Very stiff when awake and always jumpy when startled,fell a lot during child hood and did not protecked myself with hands,went all through school years still a bit stiff,but nobody understood in those days and we just got on with life.al...

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