How do I know if I have IgA nephropathy?

What signs or symptoms may make you suspect you may have IgA nephropathy. People who have experience in IgA nephropathy offer advice of what things may make you suspicious and which doctor you should go to to receive treatment

Do I have IgA nephropathy?
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Do I have IgA nephropathy?

Is IgA nephropathy hereditary?

Is IgA nephropathy hereditary?

Living with IgA nephropathy

How to live with IgA nephropathy? Can you be happy living with IgA nephropa...

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IgA nephropathy advice

Which advice would you give to someone who has just been diagnosed with IgA...

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Prevalence of IgA nephropathy

What is the prevalence of IgA nephropathy?

Is IgA nephropathy contagious?

Is IgA nephropathy contagious?

IgA nephropathy sports

Is it advisable to do exercise when affected by IgA nephropathy? Which acti...

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IgA nephropathy diagnosis

How is IgA nephropathy diagnosed?

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History of IgA nephropathy

What is the history of IgA nephropathy?

World map of IgA nephropathy

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Stories of IgA nephropathy

IgA nephropathy stories
This is a specialized kidney disease hospital in China founded in 1986. We treated different kinds of kidney disease including Iga by Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a satisfied effect.  Some Iga patients with kidney function damaged even ...
IgA nephropathy stories
I have IGA, my kidney function is at 10%. I have a fistula in my arm and I'm going to start  dialysis soon.
IgA nephropathy stories
I was diagnosed in 2007 following a miscarriage. I was treated in 2008 after a decline in function.  I took pred cytoxan and bp meds. Due to a reaction from cytoxan i had liver failure in Aug of 2008. I was taken off cytoxan and revovered slowly...
IgA nephropathy stories
I have IGA and as a result I have TINU.    I have had this for almost  20 years.  I am at stage three moderate.  
IgA nephropathy stories
Diagnosed in April 2015 thru biopsy

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