Cut diet coke back
My Mother’s love for me and her encouragement
Physical therapy for pelvic floor
Reducing stress from doing yoga.
Find out your triggers and stay away from them
A wonderful supportive immediate family.
IC Diet
Pain medications
Drinking more water
IVIG ( Intravenous GammaGlobulin ) 5X/ month
Bentyl 3 times a day
my mindset, wont let this horrible disease beat me.
Pelvic floor physical therapy
Amitriptyline was the first medication that really helped my bladder pain.
Patience with myself
Diet is everything for me
Diet for sure
Aloe Vera capsules
Drinking only alkaline water.
Managing my stress
Don't get to stressed, I know it's hard to say
Listen to your body
Prelief before I ate or drink
NUMBER 1 - Naturopath
Taking Elmiron and Myrbetriq
Found my triggers: coffee, pineapple, alcoholic beverages
ARPwave Neuro muscular re-education
Having totally awesome doctors
apple cider vinegar
lots of rest
Hormone Patch
Exercício físico
elmiron and lifestyle modification brought back my life
Heating pad
Bladder hydrodistention.. took a few months, but in remission for over 1.5yrs.
Stop using Artificial sweeteners
Heating pad
A brilliant specialist in Cape Town
l got off all drinks coffee ,tea,Ex. I drink water and almond milk.